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Benefits of Social Distancing for Infant Sleep #1: CONNECTION

This time of social distancing has its benefits for your child’s sleep 😴 (and overall development)! One of the benefits is that many families have increased time for connection with their child(ren). You might feel like you have too much time with your kids (!), but hear me out…

💞 Being emotionally available for our children allows them to co-regulate, that is, seek comfort from their caregiver. For children who are experiencing separation anxiety or fears at nighttime, having more connection time during the day can help them at night.

💞 Spending quality time together to build connection and healthy attachment will actually help a child in becoming independent over time. Contrary to popular belief, it is actually the infant or toddler who is most securely attached to his/her caregiver that becomes most independent in later childhood.

💞 If your family chooses to co-sleep, know that that time of connection during the night (or naps) builds independence as well! (Be sure to follow the Safe Sleep Seven for safe bed-sharing). Studies by psychologists Keller & Goldberg have shown that children who routinely sleep with their parents are actually able to be alone with less stress, make friends more easily and solve problems better than solitary sleepers. Other studies have shown that co-sleeping children are less likely to throw temper tantrums.

💞 Children whose parents are present are less stressed, sleep better and develop more soundly. So, be present. Enjoy every moment together. Connect. Build healthy attachment. In the end, you’ll have emotionally well-adjusted and independent children who feel secure enough to venture out into the world and take risks. And they’ll be great sleepers too!

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