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Why In Touch?

Helping parents get In Touch… so everyone can rest easier.

In Touch with your child’s developmental needs: for optimal development.

A parent of a 3-month-old might think their child should sleep through the night at that age, right?! Wrong! Of course, as parents, we would like that! Infants spend 50% of their sleep time in REM sleep. This state is optimal for baby to consolidate all that he has learned during the day. It also allows him to wake easily, protect his airway, regulate his temperature and ensure sufficient nutrition. If baby sleeps longer stretches, it is cause for concern as this baby could be at higher risk of SIDS.

At In Touch, I’ll educate you about what you can expect from your child at various developmental milestones so that your expectations of your child are realistic and if something is not developmentally appropriate, we can investigate!

In Touch with your parenting values: so you know you’re doing what’s right for your family.

Perhaps you think you should sleep train your baby because a friend told you it worked for her. You know that you will only feel at peace if you respond to your baby’s needs both day and night. With my help, you will learn much about your child’s sleep as well as learn new strategies for parenting through various sleep stages. You can make positive changes without sleep training and your baby WILL mature and become independent in her sleep in her own time! You will achieve greater balance for your family and rest easy, knowing that your child is learning that sleep is a peaceful place to go and a safe place in which to remain!

What are your core values? At In Touch, my core values exercise will help you identify what is most important to you on this journey, so that those values can guide your parenting choices. The sleep strategies and supports I offer, will be in line with your core values so they feel right!

In Touch with your overall wellness: to restore balance in your life

Often times, parents seek help for their baby’s sleep because they are the ones struggling, but baby is thriving! My holistic approach ensures that we assess (and improve, if necessary) the wellness of the primary caregiver. Is the parent getting enough rest, eating a nutritious diet, making time for themselves & their partner, managing household tasks, the demands of other children etc?

At In Touch, we will identify strategies to help you prioritize your needs, feel good about yourself and find your “village” of support!

Wondering if the In Touch approach might be for you? Please contact me; I’d be happy to answer any questions you might have!

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