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Past Webinars


Sleep Regressions:
Navigating Tricky Times Gently

This webinar will help you understand WHY challenging times come about with your baby's sleep and WHEN to expect them. You will be equipped with strategies for both you and your baby, to navigate these challenging times GENTLY. You'll also learn some "red flag signs" to watch out for, which could indicate an underlying medical problem, sometimes confused with a sleep regression. You'll leave feeling equipped and confident to tackle the ups and downs of your baby's sleep! You'll have access to the recording for two (2) weeks from the date of purchase.

Tips to Transition to "Big Kid" Bed

This FREE 40 minute webinar will teach you how to approach the crib to bed transition with your child in a gentle and supportive way. The strategies apply to both crib sleeping and bedsharing families.


*Sponsored by Inventive Minds Family Centre

Do you have questions about the webinars? Please send me a message; I'm happy to help!

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