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In Touch... so everyone can rest easier.

Sleep Education Services

Support That Makes a Difference

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Get in Touch

Newborn to 5 months

This package will help new parents learn about normal infant sleep: what to expect at different milestones, various ways to put baby to sleep, sleep safety coaching and troubleshooting any challenges they may be facing.

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Make Changes

6 months to Toddler

This package is designed for parents who are struggling with their child's sleep. It will help them get In Touch with their child's needs, their parenting values and their overall family balance in order to change things that are not working for them.



All ages

This package is for returning clients who would like further support. Perhaps their child is going through a sleep regression or they feel they need to make a change to their routine.


Talk it Out

All ages

This package is for families who have some burning questions and simply want to talk it out. For those who do not need to make significant changes to their sleep strategy but still want the support of a sleep expert; this package is for you!

The In Touch Approach

My mission is to help you get In Touch with both your child’s developmental needs and your parenting values so everyone can rest easier. Do you want to set your children up for peaceful and restful sleep for years to come but feel like you are learning as you go? Are you struggling through various sleep stages with your child? Do you wonder what options you might have for settling them without leaving them to cry alone? Are you trying to stay true to your instincts but feeling conflicted about things you read or hear from others? I’m here to help! This is not sleep training... this is sleep education!

Wondering if my approach is right for you?

Contact me for a complimentary 15-minute consultation call!

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