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Safe & Sound Infant Sleep Course

Our course equips new & expectant parents with a gentle and developmentally-sound approach to their baby's sleep. You'll learn how to build a healthy attachment bond with your baby and how to support their various sleep stages,

all without the use of sleep training techniques. 

Module 1: The Basics

  • Building healthy attachment

  • What is attachment parenting?

  • Infant Sleep: Expectations vs. Reality

  • Parenting values exercise

Module 2: The Science of Infant Sleep

  • Normal Infant Sleep

  • Reasons for Night-waking

  • Sleep personalities & temperament

  • Light & the Circadian Rhythm

  • Sleep associations

Module 3: Tricky Times & Sweet Spots

  • Tricky Times (Sleep regressions)

  • Sweet spots

  • Navigating Tricky Times

  • Making Changes without Sleep Training

Sleeping Baby
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Module 4: Sleep Training vs. Responsive Parenting

  • Types of Sleep Training

  • Pros, Cons & Myths of Sleep Training

  • Benefits of Responsive Parenting

  • Ways to Parent an Infant to Sleep

Module 5: Sleep Environment

  • Safe Solo Sleep

  • Safe Bedsharing

  • Preparing a nursery

  • Other environmental factors

Sleeping Baby

Module 6: Caregiver Wellness

  • Dealing with Sleep Deprivation

  • Nutrition, Fitness & Mental Health

  • Finding Balance

  • Your temperament

  • What now?

Sleeping Baby
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